Children In general results which such system yields, are not represented especially impressive.

Children really work with desire and interest, and it is very pleasant to observe it, but achievements them are insignificant.

According to inspectors, it not inevitable result of system, and it is rather a certificate of that the last is realized not at full capacity.

In particular, are the reasons of it: Absence of the good teacher for pupils of middle school age which could direct and integrate all their various occupations.

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Sometimes It allows people to hear, than people around are dissatisfied, and leads to discussion and the solution of problems.

Sometimes excites you chtoto of what you are not able to afford to shout, and you feel that are not capable to tell about it to all.

Even the cat does not hear you we so speak to the silent child.

But, helping the reticent kid to become more selfassured, we will not break ice.

Councils for defrosting of language consist of exercises which differ depending on the age which is silent and its personal history.

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Make psychological

Make psychological Make psychological portraits of the names interesting you, and you learn the relation of people around to this or that name, to people with such name.

Ask tested to describe the person with a name … tell that name which interests you to the subsequent criteria: appearance, expressional emotional behavior, the main traits of character, the attitude towards itself and to people around, I.


, strongwilled qualities, perception of itself, the relation to an opposite sex.

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Happy day! Every

Happy day! Every On the second year of life the child says first mother or father.

Happy day!

Every month he will speak more and more words.

Also there will come time when his desire to expand the lexicon reaches top.

Montessori says that it occurs approximately in three, three and a half years.

Modern childrens psychologists call such figures: by years the dictionary of the healthy child makes about words, and by years to Already by the end of the second year of life the kid starts speaking offers.

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Chapter You will

Chapter You will To replace really sonorous and radical names the elementary come, country, and at times and overseas, silly fitting into our Russian reality.

But … desire of parents the law.

Here also appear in the Russian remote places of Zhorzheta with Moors.

Chapter You will have a child!

So, your dream came true and you see longawaited two strips on the fatherinlaw.

What now?

Family life begins with a blank page: simply the wife turns into mother, and simply the husband into the father.

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